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"The Old Back Pond" The History of the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area by Don Wright
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The Friends, formed in 1996, are a volunteer organization dedicated to preserve, protect and promote the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area.
  • THIS IS OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY! Stay tuned for special events.
  • Located at the north end of the City of Brockville, Ontario, just 2 km from Highway 29, Mac Johnson Wildlife Area is operated by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority and includes 532 hectares (1314 acres) of wetland, field and forest.


  • FMJWA Fall Festival,Saturday, October 22, 2016, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. - $5.00 per vehicle - Dog Cart Races, Pumpkin Carving for children, Displays, Music by Fiddlers Plus, Free Canoe & Kayak rentals - ALL WELCOME!,
  • Membership, New & Renewal - Individual or family, Membership Fee $25.00 : Mail to: Friends of MJWA 4673 Debruge Rd. , Elizabethtown, ON K6T 1A5
  • The Mac Johnson Master Plan is posted on the CRCA website. MJWA Master Plan. This 20 year plan was developed in 2006 and will determine how the area will be protected, developed and used.

    *** NEWS ***
    ** Ongoing - since 1996 - Benches, trail markers and maintenance on north and south side trails
    ** The wheelchair accessible trail (Trail 1) was begun in 1999 by the Friends of MJWA and completed by the employees of Procter and Gamble on September 22, 2000.
    ** May 8, 2001 - Check out the firepit built by The Friends from the Dupont donation.
    ** Spring 2002 - Fall 2007- the Friends and Procter and Gamble employees put fencing (2000 metres) along Centennial Road.
    **Fall 2008 - The Friends completed a new skating shelter
    **Fall 2009 - New docks for north and south side of the reservoir were completed. New trees were planted in the nursery
    ** Fall 2010 - Dock extensions for north and south side were completed.
    ** Fall 2011 - New Canoe Launch area on Centennial Rd. - Docks and parking area
    ** 2012-13 - Tree nursery expansion, trail maintenance
    ** 2014 - Tree nursery shed, trail maintenance

    • Maintenance of and improvements to the area with a focus on the preservation of wildlife, vegetation and the existing natural features and environment.
    • Promotion of the area and its resources to the community in order to increase public awareness and appreciation.
    • The encouragement of on-site educational and interpretive programs.
    • Organization of special events.
    • Raising funds from membership, corporate sponsorship and donations to develop new programs and area features as well as supplement existing attractions.

    • It is a provincially significant Class 1 Wetland
    • Home of over 160 species of migratory and nesting birds
    • Sand dunes are an interesting feature of the remnants of old marine beaches
    • Abundant herptile populations - frogs, turtles, salamanders and snakes
    • Rich aquatic life
    • Varied landscape from fields and meadows to forests and swamps
    • Bog and fen environments containing fascinating carnivorous plants
    • Large mammal population
    • Historically significant features - 1860's farmstead, abandoned railway bed and the mill on Buell's Creek

    • Is an act which provides personal rewards in terms of physical activity and the pleasure of community involvement.
    • Is a vital show of support for a treasured part of our Canadian heritage - - the preservation of one of our beautiful and unique natural environments. In this sense, a Friend is a patron of both culture and nature.
    • Entitles members to voting privileges in the group, a receipt for income tax purposes and the option of receiving the minutes of the Friends group.
    To learn more about the Friends write to :
    Friends of Mac Johnson Wildlife Area
    4673 Debruge Road
    Ellizabethtown, ON
    K6T 1A5

    Enquiries, Memberships : E-mail Doug / 613-342-3062

    Home | Plants and Animals of Mac Johnson Wildlife Area | Interesting Links
    "The Old Back Pond" The History of the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area by Don Wright
    | Annual Report 2014 | Swan News

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