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"The Old Back Pond" The History of the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area by Don Wright
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The Friends of Mac Johnson Wildlife Area, formed in 1996, is a volunteer organization dedicated to preserve, protect and promote the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area.

Located at the north end of the City of Brockville, Ontario, just 2 km from Highway 29, Mac Johnson Wildlife Area is operated by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority and includes 532 hectares (1314 acres) of wetland, field and forest.


  • Mother's Day Tree Sale, Saturday, May 12, 10 am - 2 pm, Centennial Rd. - south entrance; native trees and shrubs grown at MJWA Tree Nursery
  • Check out :   CRCA Online Services
  • Membership, New & Renewal - Individual or family, Membership Fee $25.00 : Mail to: Friends of MJWA 4673 Debruge Rd. , Elizabethtown, ON K6T 1A5

    *** NEWS ***
    ** Ongoing - since 1996 - Benches, trail markers and maintenance on north and south side trails
    ** The wheelchair accessible trail (Trail 1) was begun in 1999 by the Friends of MJWA and completed by the employees of Procter and Gamble on September 22, 2000.
    ** May 8, 2001 - Check out the firepit built by The Friends from the Dupont donation.
    ** Spring 2002 - Fall 2007- the Friends and Procter and Gamble employees put fencing (2000 metres) along Centennial Road.
    **Fall 2008 - The Friends completed a new skating shelter
    **Fall 2009 - New docks for north and south side of the reservoir were completed. New trees were planted in the nursery
    ** Fall 2010 - Dock extensions for north and south side were completed.
    ** Fall 2011 - New Canoe Launch area on Centennial Rd. - Docks and parking area
    ** 2012-13 - Tree nursery expansion, trail maintenance
    ** 2014 - Tree nursery shed, trail maintenance
    ** 2015 - Tree nursery improvements, trail maintenance
    ** 2016 - Accessible Trail upgrades, tree nursery improvements,
    ** 2017 - Tree nursery improvements ; Nature Centre maintenance, painting; trail maintenance,

    • Maintenance of and improvements to the area with a focus on the preservation of wildlife, vegetation and the existing natural features and environment.
    • Promotion of the area and its resources to the community in order to increase public awareness and appreciation.
    • The encouragement of on-site educational and interpretive programs.
    • Organization of special events.
    • Raising funds from membership, corporate sponsorship and donations to develop new programs and area features as well as supplement existing attractions.

    • It is a provincially significant Class 1 Wetland
    • Home of over 160 species of migratory and nesting birds
    • Sand dunes are an interesting feature of the remnants of old marine beaches
    • Abundant herptile populations - frogs, turtles, salamanders and snakes
    • Rich aquatic life
    • Varied landscape from fields and meadows to forests and swamps
    • Bog and fen environments containing fascinating carnivorous plants
    • Large mammal population
    • Historically significant features - 1860's farmstead, abandoned railway bed and the mill on Buell's Creek

    • Is an act which provides personal rewards in terms of physical activity and the pleasure of community involvement.
    • Is a vital show of support for a treasured part of our Canadian heritage - - the preservation of one of our beautiful and unique natural environments. In this sense, a Friend is a patron of both culture and nature.
    • Entitles members to voting privileges in the group, a receipt for income tax purposes and the option of receiving the minutes of the Friends group.
    To learn more about the Friends write to :
    Friends of Mac Johnson Wildlife Area
    4673 Debruge Road
    Ellizabethtown, ON
    K6T 1A5

    Enquiries, Memberships : E-mail Doug / 613-342-3062

    Home | Plants and Animals of Mac Johnson Wildlife Area | Interesting Links
    "The Old Back Pond" The History of the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area by Don Wright
    | Annual Report 2017 | Swan News

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